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Supetar Island Brac Croatia

Supetar on the island Brac in Croatia is economic, administrative and cultural center of the island of Brac. Excellent connections of Supetar and Brac with Croatia and the world, the beautiful Mediterranean environment and environment and nature are the reason why Supetar and island Brac are the place for comfortable and beautiful vacation in Croatia.


Supetar Brac Croatia


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Tourism and the traditional fishing are tradition of island Brac and its inhabitants, with cattle and sheep breeding where agriculture have great significance. The surroundings of Supetar Brac is famous for the production of quality red wine, extra vergine olive oil, mandarines, oranges, kiwi and other fruit. And also the sheep breeding with production of famous island Brac sheep cheese.

During several summer months everything becomes live in Supetar: gathering of people, costumes and languages all over the world gives special extremely Mediterranean charm to the town. In its stone narrow streets in which you can rest and trade you can enjoy in shadows and sounds of old town. Small street galleries, private wine cellars, many pubs, narrow streets and gardens make long in the night real domestic Mediterranean atmosphere of Supetar Brac Croatia.


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