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About Postira

Postira is a small town and harbour on the northern coast of the island of Brac. Main occupations include farming, stone-masonry and fishing; a fish cannery. Postira was first mentioned in 1347 under the name Postrena. Postira is a picturesque coastal place with a series of attractive beaches and coves, surrounded by pine forests, olive-groves and vineyards, offers excellent opportunities for peaceful and pleasant vacations.

Postira island Brac

Apart from various forms of accommodation (hotels, boarding houses, apartments), visitors are also offered sports and recreational facilities and water sports opportunities. Excursions and very attractive are fish picnic parties in the cove of Lovrecina. Gastronomic offer includes fish, home-made specialities and famous local wines.

The parish church built in the 16th century, was later reconstructed; the only remains of the original structure include an apse in the shape of a fort. The church features the Way of the Cross, a work by three painters from the 18th/19th century, as well as several paintings by the Venetian Baroque school.
East of Postira, in the cove of Lovrecina, are the ruins of a large early Christian basilica from the 5th-6th century is located east of Postira, in the cove of Lovrecina. Next to it have been found two early Christian sarcophagi and fragments of Roman plastics.


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