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Sutivan Island Brac Croatia

In beautiful Mediterranean enviroment small town Sutivan have everything what is necessary for summer tourism and also offer accommodations in many private houses, few small private hotels and private apartments. There are few beautiful beaches and cosy coves around Sutivan, beautiful plantations of olive groves and other Mediterranean plant. Sutivan on the island Brac Croatia has numerous sport playgrounds and walk paths.


Sutivan Brac Croatia


Sutivan Croatia history

The name Sutivan came from Saint John "Ivan", because of the basilica and old parish of Saint John Baptist built in the 6th century. At the beginning Illyrians settled Sutivan at the north part of island Brac, later came the Romans and then finally arrived the Croats. Around Sutivan you can find old houses of families Definis, Ilic, Kavanjin and Luksic. Sutivan just like Bol and Supetar offers complete gastronomic services in many konoba, farmers places, restaurants, coffee-bars and disco-club. There are also plenty of small shops and boutiques.


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