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Bol island Brac Croatia

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Bol Brac Croatia - island Brac Croatia - Bol Brac - about Brac Croatia climate natural beauty

Island Island Brac Croatia is the third largest island of Croatia. Island Brac is 12 km wide and 36 km long. Highest peak is Vidova Gora (778m) which is the highest peak of all the islands in Adriatic sea. Brac island is separated from the mainland by the Brac Channel, from the island Solta by the Splitska Vrata and from the Island Hvar by the Hvar Channel.

There are 22 little towns and villages on the island with the population of 14,000 people. Places on the Brac Croatia island are: Bol, Bobovisca, Bobovisca on the sea, Supetar, Sumartin, Sutivan, Postira, Gornji and Donji Humac, Lozisca, Pucisca, Milna, Mirca, Splitska, Murvica, Nerezisca, Skrip, Dracevica, Novo Selo, Povlja, Praznica and Selca. On the Brac island there is also 12 villages and 5 deserted settlements. All cities and settlements have their own speciality and culture.



1.Bol 2.Supetar 3.Milna 4.Postira 5.Sutivan 6.Splitska 7.Bobovisca 8.PovljaIsland Brac Croatia

Best summer holidays destination on the island Brac:

The island landscape is dominated by a karst limestone relief, with numerous gullies, cavities, crevices, round valleys and coves. Milder forms of the relief, with brown Primorje soils are found mostly in the interior between Lozisca and Nerezisca, as well as between Selca and Sumartin. Brac Croatia is composed primarily of limestone and dolomite. It have been a source of stone for building decorative stonework for centuries. The old Romans have used this very stone to build temples, cities, amphitheatres and palaces all over Dalmatia. Parts of the island above 400 m are covered with Black and Aleppo pine forests and around all coastal towns and villages dominant are dense evergreen underbrush with rocks.

The largest places are Supetar, Bol and Pucisca. Major products are olive oil, wine and fruit and main occupations include also livestock breeding and fishing. Fish canneries are located in Postira and Milna. Major quarries, where the famous Brac Croatia building stone is excavated, are located near Postira, Splitska, Pucisca, Selca and Donji Humac.

There is a ferry lines Split - Supetar, Makarska and Sumartin. There is also catamaran line between Split and Bol. Airport Brac Croatia for smaller aircraft is located above Bol.

We invite you to explore this unique island that offers everything one needs for an unforgettable holiday in an unspoiled natural environment. Rich cultural and historic heritage that dates back to pre-historic times, unique gastronomy, beautiful beaches and bays, crystal blue sea, high quality accommodation in private facilities and the hospitality of the local people are the guarantees of a holiday you will always remember. With its climate, thickly populated vegetation and amicable people, Brac Croatia has emerged as one of the best islands in Croatia.

Bol Brac Croatia Climate & Bol Brac Natural Beauty

On Brac Croatia you would experience a mild, rainy winters and dry, warm summers. A coastal type climate dominates this area. The northern parts (Supetar, Sutivan, Povlja, Pucisca) experience more cold as compared to the south area (Bol). Climate is typically Mediterranean. During summer time sun shines between 10 and 14 hours per day. Brac Croatia lies in one of the sunniest Adriatic location with more then 2800 sunny hours per year. Average temperature is 26 degree Celsius during summer and 10 degree Celsius during winter. Oak, Aleppo, Black pine & Macchia trees give this area an excellent green cover. Over 130 bird species are found in this magnificent part of the planet. Goats and sheep's are the symbols of this island. Brac Croatia is a paradise for sports lovers. In August starts the Extreme festival of Sports in the town Bol. With sky running as its main event, from the peaks of Vidova Gora to the sea level Zlatni Rat, free diving, tennis tournaments, windsurf and kitesurf competition it is a place of adventure. Water sports in Bol are one of the major tourist attractions on the Brac island. Blue and crystal waters of the sea around island Brac Croatia make it a must visit place.


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