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Bol island Brac Croatia

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Weather Bol Croatia - 15 days Bol weather report and wind report Bol island Brac

Bol is just a half way between the equator and the North pole - which means the most ideal spot on the north hemisphere, both temperature and geographic wise. This position grants the average annual temperature of 15 degrees Celsius, or 25 degrees summer average. Jugo, maestral and bura are the most frequent winds. Maestral usually blows in summer, it's a gentle breeze coming from the sea to freshen up warm summer nights.


Sea is our most precious wealth. In winter water is 10 to 14 degrees "cold", while the summer average is 25 degrees. During the hottest days water temperature rises up to 28 degrees. Great concentration of salt, sodium, chlorine, sulfates and magnesium are the basis to a healthy bath so necessary for a human body and skin. In summer you should enjoy the luxurious palette of our sea's shades of blue. The movements of the sea you shouldn't miss to experience: waves streams, the tides..


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Weather Bol Croatia - 15 days Bol weather report - wind report for Bol Croatia island Brac