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Bol island Brac Croatia

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Relax & be charmed, 20 things to do in Bol Croatia


8. Easy DISCOVERY SCUBA diving course & pool & sea


In Bol you can take a DISCOVERY SCUBA COURSE (30min theoretical + 30min scuba diving in hotel pool + 30min scuba diving in the sea up to 5 meter deep at Borak beach) and learn basics about diving and scuba diving in just one day.... in just 2 hours. And then you can choose do you like it or not, continue with diving or start to windsurf :) it is so easy and fun for a price 45EUR...


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And after you fall in love with Big blue and Scuba diving...

The eastern Croatian coast of the Adriatic sea lies on karst and is full of underwater caves archaeological sites and shipwrecks, but the biggest treasure for attracting all kinds of divers is rich flora and fauna. Diving in Croatia with autonomous diving gear, scuba diving, is permitted if you posses a diving card.  In Croatia more then 90 species of fish, algae, sea animals and plants are protected, this makes it a very good spot for cheap family holidays, especially for those with an interest in teaching their children about the natural world. There is 15 great location to dive near Bol on the island Brac and island Hvar. Please check the prices for courses and equipment rental.


Diving Bol Brac Croatia



Diving Bol Brac Croatia

Location and diving maps


Diving in Bol is not like diving in the Caribbean because there is not so many marine species in the see. But nature is untouched and unspoiled. Island location in the middle Adriatic gives it mild climate with little rainfall; consequently, the waters are exceptionally clear and calm. It is an ideal destination for underwater photographers. Water temperatures range during the summer is 20-27°C, with visibility often averaging over 20m, and frequently up to 40m.


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It is strictly forbidden to use any kind of fishing tool especially underwater spare gun in combination with autonomous diving gear. In order to fish in Croatia it is necessary to have a fishing permit. Because of overfishing and endangered habitats some species of fish are protected especially sea horses which divers encounter the most.



Crabs are endangered because of commercial overuse and destruction of their habitats. Hunting of some species (spiny lobster and European lobster) is permitted only for professional fisherman during the specific time of the year, while other species (spiny spider crab and Mediterranean slipper lobster) are protected.



Corals are sessile animals permanently attached to the surface where they live. They are endangered because of pollution, coastal construction, diving, accidental catch with fishing net and commercial overuse. Negligent divers very often damage coral colonies. Be careful and do not touch them.



Sponges are diverse group of sessile animals of unusual colors and shapes. Most of them feed while filtrating the sea and some hunt small animals. Their habitats range from shallow to deep sea bottom but for divers they are very attractive in underwater caves. Sponges are endangered due to pollution, accidental catch and collecting. Although all species are endangered only four of them are protected.


Sea turtles

There are three species of sea turtles in the Adriatic sea, loggerhead sea turtle, leatherback sea turtle and green sea turtle. They come here very often and spend winter burying themselves in mud at the sea bottom but they do not come for breeding. These populations are critically endangered by accidental catch in the fishing nets, long line fishing and pollution and are therefore strictly protected.


Sea mammals

All sea mammals, whales, dolphins and the Mediterranean Monk Seal are protected by Croatian lows. Only bottlenose dolphin lives permanently in the Adriatic sea. Other species of dolphins and whales only come occasionally.


Snails and bivalves

Having beautiful and attractive decorative shell some types of snails and bivalves are extremely endangered by illegal collecting and trading. Careless divers make a huge damage taking those as souvenirs. In the Adriatic some species are on the verge of extinction.


Diving in Bol Brac Croatia - Diving in Adriatic sea


Sea horse in Croatia Lobster in Croatia Crveni koralj in Croatia Koral in Croatia Sea turtle in Croatia Dolphin in Croatia Periska in Croatia



8. Easy DISCOVERY SCUBA diving course & pool & sea