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Zlatni BOL Apartments
Bol island Brac Croatia

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Relax & be charmed, 20 things to do in Bol Croatia


9. Branislav Dešković Gallery in BOL, island BRAC museum & OLIVE OIL museum in Skrip


The Branislav Dešković Gallery is located in Bol in the renaissance-baroque palace (17th century) with over 380 exhibits, paintings and sculptures collected over 50 years from artists born in or inspired by Bol. The gallery contains exibits of the artists: Ignjat Job, Ivan Rendić, Edo Murtić, Ljubo Ivančić, Branimir Dešković, Emanuel Vidović, Josip Botteri and the others.


Museum Bol


The gallery is positioned in the port of Bol, in a 17th century renaissance-baroque palace. Gallery bear the name of th important figure in the recent croatian sculpture – Branislav Dešković, that is a sculptor of animal figures and intimate human portraits. You can’t miss the gallery if you look out for the huge dog sculpture by the entrance. As the trees rustle and the waves lap against the shore don’t forget to take time to daydream while in Bol.


Olive oil museum in Skrip on the island Brac The museum of oil presents the traditional process of olive oil production on the island Brac. The museum of oil exibit olive mill, olive press, spindle for tightening press screw, bags, fireplace for heating the water and all traditional tools for transport, production and storage of olive oil. The museum of olive oil also shows paintings by academic painter Hana-Marta Jurčević Bulić and sculptures made by mag. sculptor Đani Martinić, presenting workers in the oilery in an interesting way.

Museum Skrip


Museum of the island Brac, founded in 1979, is located in Skrip, the oldest settlement on the island in which over five thousand years now, a life they are talking about and numerous monuments. Grate name derives from the Latin noun scrupus, which means "sharp, large stones," as it was here, in the hinterland of Roman quarries. The museum houses part of the ambience, which partially closes the Illyrian walls, Roman mausoleum and Croatian fort, located on a rich collection of stone monuments of Roman, late antique and early medieval monuments of architecture and sculpture, among which are the Herculean figure, located in the Miriam and elsewhere, and the outflow Povaljski threshold.


Island Brac museum Skrip Croatia Brac museum Skrip Croatia Island Brac museum Croatia Museum Skrip Croatia


In other halls is interesting ethnographic collection of agricultural, livestock and kamenarskog island and valuables home furnishings. Above Roman mausoleum towering high tower Radojković built in the 16th century to the Venetian-Turkish wars. The tower is decorated rich collection of photographs, documents, weapons and anti-fascist movement on the island during World War II.



9. Branislav Dešković Gallery in BOL, island BRAC museum & OLIVE OIL museum in Skrip