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Relax & be charmed, 20 things to do in Bol Croatia


7. Get caught up in the mistery of the DRAGONS CAVE


Know as Zmajeva Spilja to the locals, Dragon’s Cave is one of four monasteries in Bol and there are a number of theories about its age and original purpose. Our guide told us that many believe the cave dates back as far as the 4th century, but most claim it to be from the 15th century.


road from Murvica to Dragon's cave island Brac


Choose between these disputing theories during your own visit to Dragon’s Cave – tours start in town and requires a 1.5+ hour hike up some fairly steep terrain overlooking views out to the sea. Not for the faint-hearted or unfit, but undoubtedly suitable for those interested in ancient Slavic history and conspiracy theories. Carefully examine the carvings to your left and see if you can spot where one theory suggests the original carving was changed hundreds of years later.


Dragon's cave Brac





















7. Get caught up in the mistery of the DRAGONS CAVE