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Zlatni BOL Apartments
Bol island Brac Croatia

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Relax & be charmed, 20 things to do in Bol Croatia


6. Quad tour island Brac deep FOREST


We started the tour at 13.00. First 3km was normal road to Zlatni rat beach. After that is unpaved road from Bol to Murvica village. Murvica is turned towards the sea, but 200m far from it.


Bol Murvica roadVine road BracDownhill race Roni


- poem about Murvica by Ivo K.V. -


At the end of the road, where there is nothing more...

Is there something to see, does something hide behind these enormous rocks? The mountain is hiding this secret place, one has to conquer the curvy paths to get on.

This is the village, the village of Murvica, where you can get lost, there are no signs helping you to find your goal. Now there is no living sign, the place is on sleep. Yet the crickets are playing their mysterious songs; the nightingale has stopped shanting, she hides from the rays of the burning sun.

The blue sea is tempting my eyes with it's glittering waves empowered by the breezy mistral fondling me gently, touching my body and striving through my hair. In the distance I can hear the waves shallow on the shore and happy children cry.

The image is now perfectly saved in my mind, the eyelids are shut. I have seen it all and can feel the breeze, are getting dizzy, passing away into the sleepy atmosphere of the village, laying on the stony wall.

Stage 1 Murvica - first stop at restaurant Ciccio - Farska

Surrounded by beautiful vineyards and hidden beaches is local family restaurant Ciccio. We did just a small stop with refreshing drinks and quick snack only. Beauty of nature, sea and beaches around us where amazing during this first stage.


Vineyard Brac Home made food Brac Hidden beach Brac

After few kilometers we reached village and bay Farska. Then we took really rough uphill road to Vidova gora and hermitage Blaca.

Up from Farska Panorama island Hvar I live in Bol

Stage 2 Farska - Blaca - Vidova gora - Trolokve

At 700m above the sea level it was little nicer and temperature was a bit lower. With few kilometers long road we passed hermitage Blaca, Vidova gora and Trolokve. Vidova gora on the island Brac is the highest peak of all Croatian and Adriatic islands. Mount Vidova gora has preserved its appearance and beautiful nature. Local inhabitants contributes to nature preservation and gives a special charm to the idyllic atmosphere of this timeless oasis of peace and bird's song. From the top of Vidova gora is a magnificent view on many Croatian islands and Bol with its famous beach Zlatni rat.

Way to Blaca Survive The boss

Stage 3 Trolokve - deep Black pine forest - Brac airport - Bol

Next stage was in deep forest of Dalmatian black pine (Pinus nigra). We saw the road sometimes but most of it was just guessing.

Black pine forest slalom Where now Searching Finding Safe and easy Airport Brac

 At 19.00 we finally discover Brac airport and after few speed races on the field around it, we went to Cocktail bar Bolero in Bol.


Map south Brac

photos by: Roni & Goran



6. Quad tour island Brac deep FOREST